Purvi, it always won’t work the way you desire. Fulfilling everything according to your plans isn’t necessary.

But Suraj, I wish to complete this on my own. I know it will take time and maybe the outcome wouldn’t be 100% but it will be worth a try na, sweetheart, said Purvi in a pleading tone.

No, No, No shot back Suraj with his eyes sternly glued to Purvi.

Purvi silently stood and left his place. Once she was out from the compartment, she dropped a text to Suraj which stated “Suraj, if you really do not understand your partner in fulfilling their dream, then how are you even tagged to be mine?”

Suraj replied “No dear, it is not that I do not want to stop you from something you want to fulfill. But tell me a simple logic, investing your time, money, hard-work and ideas on a project of which you aren’t sure about the results to be 100% successful is simply dumping all your resources into a bin”

Purvi had read the message and ignored it. She was in no mood for another round of argument. She deeply knew, that she has to somehow prove everybody wrong and complete what she begun.

Purvi was a youngster and lost in her own dreamy land. She always had plans to re-build and re-create everything she gets hold of. This time she was creating an app which would help and also detect the number of shops/vehicles/signals/humans/ buildings in around her. She was developing a one stop app to know the exact numbers of anything happening in her area ranging from 0-12 Kms radius.

According to her, the development of such an informative app might help the government to locate a particular building, or the population in an area. Or maybe help the general public to know the signals and traffic.

People may also log-in themselves to show that a particular shop is open or closed. Or even add reviews.

She had to bring all the features in the same page.

After a long discussion with Suraj and felt like dejected, Purvi finally got more determined to complete what she had begun. She finally took it as a challenge. But with no moral support she felt too alone in the process.

Suraj had called her and left numerous messages but she had no ideas of turning back.

She read those messages which still contained to stop what she is doing and comeback to him. She kept ignoring.

She was anguished too see her partner drifting away for fulfilling her own dream.

Suraj, he was in love with her and trying to make her understand that making an app will be beautiful but people won’t let you get proper credits and you won’t be recognized either by government or the general public. It was a mere waste of time.

Purvi wanted to make sure; this isn’t a waste of time and would show that how these small little things would make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Purvi made sure her programs were working fine. She read a lot of books on technology and implemented on her app. She needed permission to access data of the surroundings and create a data base.  She was unaware of how to insert a real time data base with no fake or irrelevant data. She had called Suraj after 22 days. She wanted to meet him and needed help. Suraj immediately accepted to meet her at his place. Purvi tightly hugged Suraj once she had met.

She showed and made him understand about the app with a calm mind. She never let go of his arms all the while. She showed how the app is developing. Suraj was pretty much interested and happy seeing her dedication to work. He kissed her forehead and made her feel secured. He said, I am proud of you my girl and sorry for not believing in your dream.

Purvi frowned and said “all this is fine but the real issue stands of how to collect the real time data and access to all these still remains a question.

After a while of thinking and understanding her planning, Suraj smiled and hugged her as if he had got a marvelous idea. He excitedly said “what if we do not even need to collect the data physically”

We will build a small system that once a person downloads the application he will have to enter his personal data and the general information about his building and locality. Give them star points on their progress.

Purvi sounded delighted but the next moment she again shot a question frowning- what about the police booth, traffic signals, and government offices.??
Suraj to which smiled and replied, tie up the same with Google. You have the traffic related queries in it. And places nearby will give you accurate data. Secondly, I own the advertising company and TV ads. So for you my little girl, I can spread awareness to the public and the government.

And for encouraging people to download, I must suggest you to contact your college or a few big companies to sponsor.
Give people star points and once the star points reaches maximum, they will be sent a goodie or a gift.  Star points will increase on excessive usage and asking more people to download it from their referral. Simple
Purvi had tears in her eyes and had patted his shoulder and then asked that “why he wasn’t beside him from the beginning” this could be more fun if you were with me Suraj!

Suraj made a sad face and apologized and next moment winked and said “I was making you independent, duffer!
Purvi left happily and started to work on the app again. Within a few weeks she had completed the basics and was ready to launch.

She was in constant touch with Suraj who kept designing an advertisement for her. When the launch of the app was done, it had got numerous responses. She was applauded by many agencies and she even got proposals to share the copyright of the app to the company. She never wanted to sell it.

She had been appreciated by the Government as well as many superstars.
She was invited to many colleges and institute as a influencer.

She was awarded with the best Application creator award of the year.

She has always mentioned “Small things make huge difference.”

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Known Secret

Known Secret

An Avid reader and a healer to problems. Harsh is a great listener to people and solves their issues and bring back smile on their faces. He observes and writes down motivating stories and day-to-day happenings in form of stories.

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  1. Interesting story about entrepreneurship. Indeed, we start with a big vision and follow up on the little inspired steps we are guided towards. Good work!

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