No! That’s not at all possible. We cannot win through this. It isn’t possible even to think about it! Says Ronak crying.
No Bhai, this will be done when we all stand together coordinating with each other, Chirag replied confidently.

But how Chirag? this isn’t a small game that we work tricks and simply win. It is not as easy as you think. Have you ever thought of it practically? NO! Now think when we end up losing our grip and fall down? Who will lead the path then? You or me? Nobody! Ronak had been self answering his own questions. Chirag kept patiently listening to him.

Chirag assured that nothing bad will happen when we stay up positive at our work. It’s just a pandemic which shall cross. I Know ‘Bhai’, we don’t have sufficient employees at work and the load is increasing. Can we take this up positively? Like, we are still working with loads of work even when half the globe is resting. If we stand firm over such pressures and issues we will succeed.

Okay, but we delegate our works to our employees. We find trained employees because we cannot excel in every field. That is why we have supposedly kept a financier, a Customer relationship manager, a packaging and transportation executive, etc. You wish to work with minimal workers without proper knowledge of those specific fields. We are businessmen and not professionals, Chirag. What if our mistakes break our own name and fame we created in the market just because we ourselves went wrong? The company name will be spoilt and so ours. Think Chirag. It isn’t easy as it seems to be.

Chirag gave a thought and smiled, Bhai, I know there are a lot of challenges and roller coasters but please let’s give it a shot. But have you ever thought, the products of ours and competitors are equalizing to zero in the market? The competitors aren’t working for the same reasons as ours but if we take this time as an advantage and resume our services, even limited though, our suppliers won’t break.  We can proudly earn goodwill. It is our time to show the world how grateful we can be standing together and working hard. We shall pass this test not to show our weaknesses but win over and show the strength of genuine hard work and success.

Ronak Bhai, earning money isn’t everything, finding our own selves in every field and nurturing them well is more appropriate.

In this pandemic, let’s pledge to begin something new and find our own inner strengths and weaknesses which can be implied in our regular lives in the coming days.

Authored By

Known Secret

Known Secret

An Avid reader and a healer to problems. Harsh is a great listener to people and solves their issues and bring back smile on their faces. He observes and writes down motivating stories and day-to-day happenings in form of stories.

2 Responses

  1. Hello Harsh,
    I found it interesting that you used dialogue rather than descriptive writing to make the readers understand what the situation is. A great technique for ‘showing not telling’ a story.
    Then the ending felt a tad bit forced. I am reminded of public interest ads like the No-smoking ones, where a narrative is shown to create an emotional impact and then it’s wrapped up by a to-the-point message.
    Good attempt! Not sure how many readers can relate.

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