I believe in the fact that “There’s no next time, it’s now or never.”
The time to take action should be Now. Not later, not tomorrow and not some other time. Procrastination is a sin. If you can do something today, better do it now. You’ll never know what might happen if you don’t do it. If you don’t do it at the given time chances are that you will lose the chance forever. No one will wait for you to get ready. People will look for once who are already ready.
I believe that today is the day. Today very well could be the day if you decide that it’s the day for you to take your own life to the next level. We people always plan for the future fail to live in the present. Life is always either live it now or then just forget about it. There is no point thinking about all the it’s attached.
 They say “Never plan anything for tomorrow for think of the past. Live the present. You’re living in the present… Why think of the future or past!” This saying is so apt for all of us especially in the wage of events taking place in the world today life is very uncertain at this stage due to this pandemic people are all uncertain of what next is instored. Many have lost their lives in 2020 many. I think  all these people must not have even thought about that calamity happening to them and were busy in earning for future in this process there they forgotten to live in the present
Putting life aside and solely concentrating on earning for the future is of no use. One need to balance between earning for future and living in the moment. This is the need of the hour. During this world crises future is not going to come to save us. What we do now to safekeep our self that will keep us safe and ready for all challenges in future.
We don’t always get second chances. A lot of times, it’s what we do now that make all the difference. We can choose to aim for Excellence or be sloppy. What I have experienced during this lockdown situation is that over thinking and worrying often delays our actions. There will be moments in our lives when we need to act immediately and not with single second because sometimes there is no next, no time out, no second chances.  Sometimes it’s Now or Never.
If’s and but should not be spoilers and setbacks in life. Take this opportunity of lockdown to calm yourself and stop over thinking and just live now and keep reminding yourselves that we don’t always get a second Chance. All we can do is do the best we can now. Don’t think about the second chances you never know when will they come. Go and make your dreams happen today!

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The Keen Writer

The Keen Writer

Monideepa Mrinal Roy has a Master's degree in French language and literature. She is a passionate reader. She is multilingual. She gives expression to her thoughts and views through the print media. She is the founder cum editor at Storymet.com .

8 Responses

  1. Dear Keen Writer,
    From what I have understood from my own life, if something is really, really important to us, we would find the time to do it. If we want something truly badly, we would make it happen. As someone who admits to having had frequent procrastination bouts, I take a kinder view: I try to introspect why I keep putting off something, whether that falls into the important or urgent category, and if it's something that simply worries me for not doing, I just decide I do not want to do it and cancel it from the to-do list to free myself of non-essential obligations. Also, when in doubt, I do stall and not take action.
    What you said about taking each day at a time is vital. That's the only way to live. It's good to dream, but not to dwell on them too much.
    On a very practical note, thinking about what I should do the next day before going to bed, at most 3 things, helps me have a realistic goal for every tomorrow. And then checking on at night if I have finished those activities. Keeps me accountable to myself and my long-term goals. Not in a strict way, I take it easy on myself. If one day all I want is to sleep, take hunger breaks, surf through Instagram, and pull off a brief evening walk, I allow myself to do that too.
    Another advocate of living in the present.

    1. Thanks for your views on this topic. Your idea of jotting down tasks and checking on them for their completion is a good way to keep procrastination at bay. Sure will take this into account and will let you know about it. Thanks once again for every time reading my blogs and giving your honest views.

  2. Very true. We should not waste our time. Let's just get on with it and do it. Great article. 😍

  3. "One needs to balance between earning for future and living in the moment." Right dear. Also I sometimes put off things due to laziness. I will try to avoid it. Good effort and thought. β˜ΊπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

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