Most of you know that grief is a  process of expressing sadness in response of loss due to a death of a dear person. Grief is an Unnatural emotion which undergoes consciously or unconsciously in human mind. Death of a family member or a very close person leads to grief. A person, sometimes unwillingly or unknowingly enters in the process of grieving. An unwilling grief always occurs on the appearance of the deceased person in their dream, or places where they have been together, or more deadly when it comes to haunting. Haunting here refers to, those evil thoughts which make you think about the deceased person.

Grief is untimely and temporary. 
Grieving is partially not for just the dear ones we know, sometimes we grieve for the people we don’t know personally as well. Let us relate it to the present scenario, the major outbreak of the pandemic CORONA VIRUS, which has led to many death of common human and celebrities. Today, the whole world is grieving for one another known and unknown.

I, personally studied about the process of human mind where people actually face the dilemma of the loss. A major emotion GRIEVING undergoes a lot of symptoms which are not under the control of a person as well. He/She subconsciously does an activity which the body doesn’t wish to do. Understanding the above statement in an elaborated manner, we shall discuss a few major relevant points and simultaneously ways to heal them.

Anger, One of the most common symptom a person undergoes. Any person, who comes to sympathize the grieving person, would be the victim of the anger at the moment. It’s not their fault, their life seems to be upside down because of the loss and nothing seems to be right. The victim must be patient enough to understand and stand besides. It’s usually the first stage when we understand the bond of relation the person shares with the deceased. To cope up with this, the grieving person must be left alone for a while. A good sleep,  timely food and most importantly a shoulder to cry upon.

The most worse and acute symptom is depression. This sometimes becomes life-threatening. This symptom leads the person to grieve for the longest span of time.  The person loses contact with the surroundings and feels the presence of the deceased in and around every activity undertaken. The person becomes quieter and “living within self” arises. He feels to Quit and meet the deceased (or) it accepts that everyone must die, including self. The only way out of depression is to LET GO.  After specific time span of grieving, a person must remember the deceased only in prayers. Person must pen down all the thoughts or talk to a friend/family.  The person might require a therapist/psychiatrist in dilute cases. Sleep becomes the second best therapy.

Loneliness: An only symptom which is not created by the grieving person. It is created by the influences nearby. In general, the closest person gives some space for the person to digest what had happened.  As time flies, if the person does not contact and waits for the grieving person to return back to normalcy, the choice made is wrong. They must try contacting to each other and share the good and bad together rather than waiting for a person to begin and re-locate them to normalcy. They way out of this is, Indulge in your best hobby, take part in social interactions, talk to your loved ones, initiate conversations and understand life’s short and enjoy what comes.

An unreal- real symptom. The person who is grieving starts behaving abnormal and begins to take blame on himself.  The talking style becomes like “It was all because..”, “If he was there..”, “Wish he knew..” “If I was there when….” The easiest and simple way out would be accepting the past. Re-curating the future and living the present with a fresh new dream and challenging you with a new goal.

I had purposely added this point under symptom whereas it isn’t a symptom. The reason behind this is, acceptance is just a process to heal the other emotions and symptoms a human body faces during the grieving period. He must at first ACCEPT what had happened and mentally prepare strong for the future after a desired time span. He must be moreover be prepared for all the unusual activity the body faces like, insomnia, continuous crying, bad dreams, talking to self, determining what had gone wrong and how?, thinking about the future work, family and many more. This is the toughest phase during grieving but only way to cope out through this is accept what comes by and don’t predict or regret about anything. 

Surprisingly grieving comes untimely but do you have any idea when and how does it end? Commonly answered by people would be a sub-conscious NO! They majorly believe in time which heals. I personally think that time just can’t be the only factor in healing a major emotion of departing the soul of a closed person. The human brain varies from as a child to a matured person. Likewise, it even varies when it comes to absorb specific news given all of a sudden, be it happy or sad.

It takes time for brain to process and merge it within. Thus, for coping up for a huge loss, there isn’t any particular period or span to come out from the loss. It is directly proportional to the bond you shared; the closer you were to the person the more deeper your bond, the more hurt you are. Apart from time, your family support, your capability to move-on, by being responsible adult, by understanding the work the deceased did, by writing or numerously reading about the current affair and moving on with TIME. Time is always the prime and a parallel factor to cope up with. Lastly, knowing that your closed one is no more, I personally appeal you to relate yourself with an old age home or an orphan. You will surely find that person in them who feels they have nobody for them.

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Known Secret

Known Secret

An Avid reader and a healer to problems. Harsh is a great listener to people and solves their issues and bring back smile on their faces. He observes and writes down motivating stories and day-to-day happenings in form of stories.

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  1. I have lost my uncle in the year 2014.. Whenever i see anybodies last ritual,I'm taken back to 2014 every time… Thank you, ur writings helped me n i will surely visit old age home as soon as lockdown comes to an end…
    Beautifully crafted..

    1. I can understand that feeling coz even I have gone through the same. Thanks for reading my blog and appreciating it. Do keep your support coming

    2. Thank you so much readers. It really feels Inspiring to write more and better when we come to know that my words have felt a mark in your hearts.
      If you wish to communicate with me , you can find the link above.
      I will be there to help you all.

    3. Thanks a lot for being a guest writer on my blog and choosing a topic that I hope will help many.

  2. Dear writers,
    After reading this, I realize I haven't personally experienced this, certainly not any time after I started understanding the depth and expanse of various human emotions.
    Good of you to have discussed the stages of grief. One knows not without having any direct experience. Nevertheless, this can help readers be aware of the stages that another loved one going through grief goes through and then act with empathy and consideration.
    Serious topic!

    1. Thanks for your feedback. You are my main source of motivation. Mostly my readers await for your comment on the post. Thanks once again for suggesting this topic to me. Do keep the support coming.

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