In tough times it’s difficult to stay focused and motivated. But, as humans we have mastered the art of motivation. Today to uplift your mood and stay motivated one can do a lot of stuff. Different people have different strategies to keep their spirits high in tough time. Some listen to motivational speeches whereas some use music to uplift their mood. In the recent times a new mode has come up. It is the world of podcasts. Those who are new to the term podcast must be wondering ‘what is podcast?’

Well, I’ll clear the air for all the new bees out there. Simply put a podcast is an audio programme, just like Talk Radio, but you subscribe to it on your smartphone and listen to it whenever you like. They are series of spoken word, audio episodes all focused on a particular topic or theme.

Now another question arises, where can one listen to podcasts? Now-a-days, there are lots of apps available on which you can listen to. Read the article to the end to get the links to download apps through which you can listen to podcasts.

I’m going to talk to you all about 5 of my favorite inspirational and motivational podcasts.

This is a chart topping self help podcast host Bijay Gautam interviews today’s most successful and inspiring personalities to inspire you to achieve your biggest dream. The guest on the show not only share their success story but, also challenges and obstacles they faced and how they were able to overcome them. The guest on the show include authors of best selling books, entrepreneur, celebrities achievers and thought leaders. I love to listen to the inspiring talk podcast because of the questions that are asked on the show. Never before in any interview have I heard such question. Secondly, I love the most of the personality are of Indian Origin. To listen to the show you can download any of the podcast app mention at the end of the article and listen to great inspiration.

This is one of the brainiest podcasts on self improvement. Every episode has been designed to bring you some of value added. Each episode will charge you up. This show dives deep into some of the world’s most intelligent, most successful minds in order to mine out the diamonds they have created over the course of their life. The guest on the podcast include Bollywood stars, athletes, entrepreneurs and all kinds of motivational human being. I love to listen to the Ranveer show because we get inspiration from the people we already know. You kind of feel a connect to the personalities on the show. Secondly, the host himself is an inspiration to me as at a very young age he has attained success and is hosting the show. You can listen to the podcast by downloading any podcast app mention at the end of the article and listen to great inspiration.

Life for young Indian adults in the 21st Century explored by Bollywood actress Kalki Koechlin. This podcast contains real stories from India sometimes raw and often uplifting. It features the journey of a diverse group of Indians who have tackled abuse and stigma and fought against conviction to pursue their passion and chase their dreams. I love listening to BBC’s my Indian life because this podcast is all about Young India. It has stories that are eye opener to most of us. You can listen to the podcast by downloading any podcast app mention at the end of the article and listen to great inspiration.

This podcast give access to relatable role models who will inspire you to do more and be more in life. Listen to stories on the entrepreneurs, civil servants, sports persons, activist and ordinary Indians who have achieved extraordinary things. Every story will make you believe ‘All you need is Josh.’ I love listening to the Josh talks podcast because listening to people like you and me who had the courage to stand for themselves and change their lives and achieve success gives me a lot of inspiration to not give up on life and continue to work hard to achieve my dreams. You can listen to the podcast by downloading any podcast app mention at the end of the article and listen to great inspiration.

This United States based podcast is a good listen to stay inspired and motivated. This podcast is a compilation of motivational and inspirational speeches by eminent personalities. This is not a talk show or interviews of eminent personalities. This podcasts is for those people who are looking to lift up their spirits in tough times. I love listening to the greatest motivational and inspirational speeches ever podcast because it is a compilation of speeches which always lifts up my mood and pumps me up with positive energy whenever I listen to it. You can listen to the podcast by downloading any podcast app mention at the end of the article and listen to great inspiration.

To listen to all of these podcast and many more such podcasts you can download any one of the following apps from the link below and start exploring the world of podcast.

  1. Castbox:
  2. Google Podcasts:
  3. Spotify:
  4. Hubhopper:
  5. iPhone users can download the apple podcast app from the apple store.

I wish you all a happy listening do let me know in the comments below have your experience is after listening to these forecasts and also if you have any recommendations of podcast do let me know.

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The Keen Writer

The Keen Writer

Monideepa Mrinal Roy has a Master's degree in French language and literature. She is a passionate reader. She is multilingual. She gives expression to her thoughts and views through the print media. She is the founder cum editor at .

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  1. Dear Keen Writer,
    Thanks for this informative article on motivational podcasts. I am also fairly new to the field, hence do not know many. I’m more of a music person.
    I appreciate your taking the time and effort to bring interesting topics and people through this space. Keep them coming.

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