It’s around 2:00 AM, a person with an assault rifle in his hands is chasing down two men who are running to save their life in the woods. The person looks fierce, and he anyhow wants to catch them, dead or alive. As soon as these two people who are trying to get away from this man came into the close range of the person chasing them, he fired a bullet from his rifle and they fell down and died on the spot. Is this incident of whatever happened in the woods considered a crime or not?

Now, have a look at this incident, A person holding a sharp tool or maybe a knife in his hands pierced the body of the other person and it made a cut on his body and the blood started flowing down the body of the other person. Do you consider this incident as a criminal offense or not?

In my opinion, both the incidents mentioned above are considered crimes under the law, taking someone’s life and making cuts on other’s bodies is considered to be a crime. But here comes the twist in the story, In the first incident, the person with an assault rifle in his hands is the soldier guarding the borders of his country, and the two men running were the infiltrators from the enemy country, who are trying to enter the border. Is this killing still be considered a crime or not? I think obviously NOT, because the soldier is doing his work, he has done it with an intention of saving the country and the people from any sod’s law.

Now, let us proceed to the second incident, the person who is holding the sharp knife is a doctor, who is operating a medical emergency in the operation theatre and in order to save the patients life, he has to do a surgery for which he uses his tools and make the situation better than soon as possible. Is it still a crime?

No deed is bad, it is the intention behind the deed. Nothing bad lies in any work, the bad lies in the aim of doing the work. If we can understand this little difference, our life will become easier, it will help us understand the person better and it will make the act of forgiveness an effortless task for us. It gives us a better perspective of viewing the world and the surrounding people. But be very careful, the reality is much different, because the world will know you by your work, they will judge you by your actions, not by intentions. The intentions don’t matter to this world. It is still a mystery for me, whether the deed is considered a crime or the intentions behind that? I leave it on the readers to think about it and decide it themselves.

Do let me know what you have to say on this topic in the comments below.

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  1. Amazing thoughts! Enjoyed reading a lot.
    In my opinion, the intentions detect whether if it is a crime or not, because the word “crime” refers to something against laws or morals, so if the intention goes along with laws and morals so it can’t be considered as a crime!
    The action may be same but I think we should judge on the results of this action not the action itself.
    Waiting for more, Mr. Pawan.

    Best regards,

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